• Support, not sales.
    We will get you the best loan that meets your needs, not just something that helps us reach our bottom line. We offer competitive interest rates and will walk you through all of the options available so you can make an informed decision.
  • Transparency and fairness.
    We value transparency and fairness for all applicants. We don’t have application fees or other hidden fees and are always available to answer questions you might have throughout the process.


Here at Bayshore we realize being the price leader and having an efficient loan process isn’t enough. We believe giving a sales person an opportunity to dream big and create their own path is the way to success. Whether you are looking for help growing your book of business, becoming a branch or regional manager Bayshore is the place for you!


Every member of Bayshore is considered a partner NOT an employee. We believe in alignment of end goals whether it is on products or the way a loan flows through our system.  Our goal is to continue to evolve and change to create a seamless transaction for both you and your client.


We are committed to bringing our partners the sharpest pricing, the most products and world class support to help them grow their business.  We are large enough to do any loan but still bring you a boutique mortgage company experience. 


All markets require quick decisive leadership.  Whether it is a new program, new technology, or any other decision, ownership is committed to making the immediate turns in our ship to keep Bayshore on the right path. 


We believe everyone should be encouraged to “respectfully challenge” when faced with a situation they do not agree with.  Whether it is an underwriting decision or any other perceived road block having the ability to respectfully challenge these discrepancies can only make the company better.


We believe there’s always a way to get to yes.  No one likes to hear the word no.  There are no “bad” ideas and think the word “NO” should not be in our vocabulary.  Instead, we would like to change the mindset and mentality and replace the word “no” with “yes but, in order to do that we would need to do X” or “yes if, we do Y”.

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